Bus Rules
  1. Students availing bus facility will not be allowed to suspend the same during the session.
  2. The school shall not be responsible for any untoward happening to the students when they are aboard the bus.
  3. Accompany students to and from the bus stand in the sole responsibility of the parents.
  4. No students will be allowed to come to school in self driven vehicle except on a bicycle.
  5. The authorities have full right to curtail the bus facility of any student without giving a prior notice.
  6. The bus routes shall be decided by the school authorities and shall not be changed to suit individual needs.
  7. Any damage caused to the bus shall have to be made good by the students on board and can also lead to expulsions. The decision of the authorities shall be final and binding.
  8. Use of foul language or indulging in fights is enough reasons for suspension of the facility.
  9. Change of address must at once be intimated to the class teacher to keep the school record up to date.