Library Rules
  1. Please observe silence in the library at all times.
  2. Students are not allowed to bring their own books and bags etc. in the library.
  3. The books will be issued for seven days which may be extended to maximum fourteen days provided the book is not required by any reader. If there is a great demand, the book can be issued for less than seven days.
  4. Students who fail to return the books in time will be charged a fine of Re. 1/- per day.
  5. Book lost or damaged must be paid for replaced by the student at current cost.
  6. Students will be allowed to get only one book at a time.
  7. Reference books and periodicals will not be issued to carry out of the library.
  8. All the books must be returned for the commencement of each terminal examination and before leaving certificate is issued.
  9. Before taking the book out of the library, it must be examined by the borrowed, and if any damage is found, it must be formed; otherwise the borrower will be responsible.
  10. The books will be used only by the borrower and anyone found lending books to other may be denied the facility of the library.